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Collegium Leadership

Every person who serves on the Board or as a member of the faculty or staff must:

  • be a practicing traditional Catholic,

  • be committed to the traditional mission of The Collegium,

  • sign the Oath Against Modernism.


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Donna Fitzpatrick Bethell


Ron Sartini


John McKernan


Anne Marie Vogel


Michael DeTar


Paul King

Administration and Faculty

Edward Schaefer, president and faculty

  • DMA from The Catholic University of America

  • 39 years of teaching and administration in higher education

  • Expertise in music theory, choral music, and Carolingian chant

  • Has directed scholas and choirs singing beautiful music for four decades

  • Contact: or 412-913-2985

Phillip Berns, Academic Dean and Faculty

  • MA in Philosophy from Tulane University

  • MTS from Notre Dame Seminary

  • PhD in Philosophy forthcoming from University of St. Thomas, Houston

  • Expertise in Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Philosophy of Economics

  • Experience teaching Theology and Philosophy, and singing in and directing scholas

  • Contact: or 240-591-0016

William Stover, Dean of Men, Director of Admissions, Faculty

  • MA in Classical Philology from the University of Virginia

  • MA in Classics from the University of Notre Dame

  • Expertise in Ancient Historiography,  Cultural Perception in the Ancient World, Greek and Latin Philology, Paleography and Codicology

  • Experience in Student Activities

  • Contact: or 240-591-0015

Dana Rissley, CFO and CBO

  • MBA from University of Cape Town, South Africa

  • CPA

  • Experience as Financial Director for Amsted Rail and as Financial Controller for IONX