The Collegium

Faithful. Affordable. Classical.

The Collegium is a faithful, affordable, and classical liberal arts college located in Hagerstown, Maryland.

The Collegium is Faithful

The Collegium is an independent institution of higher learning that pledges full fidelity to the unchanging Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Faculty and staff are practicing Catholics who are fully supportive of the Collegium’s mission and have signed the Oath Against Modernism.

The Collegium is Affordable

The Collegium is committed to keeping the cost of attending college as low as possible. The cost for room, board and tuition is approximately $16,800 per year.

The Collegium is Classical

The Collegium’s curriculum is foundational to our mission to impart the knowledge of God, that He might be loved and served in this world. We have a set, integrated curriculum of theology, philosophy, history, English, literature, logic, rhetoric, Latin, math, science, music and art.  Yet, the program also incorporates work experience either with Heavenly Roast Coffee or in our corporate work study program.


The Collegium

Faithful. Affordable. Classical.

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Call: 412-913-2985

36 S. Potomac St.  Hagerstown MD 21740

The Collegium is not approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

The Collegium is currently seeking approval to operate as a degree-granting institution

in the state of Maryland.  

We  will keep our progress updated here.