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Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum (College of the Holy Angels) is a faithful, affordable, and classical liberal arts college. It will be a residential, four-year college that will provide a liberal arts education (B.A.) that is faithful to the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and liturgical traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, and a formation in Catholic living – ora et labora, both at affordable rates (currently $16,800) for tuition, room and board.


The Collegium will provide an education that is faithful to the unchanging magisterium of the Church.


The Collegium will provide a formation in Catholic living through regular prayer (including Mass and parts of the Divine Office), opportunities for every student to work in support of the mission of the college, co-curricular activities that will support intellectual inquiry, spiritual formation, and moral discernment, and a faculty/staff that is committed to providing exemplary models of Catholic living.


The Collegium will provide a rigorous academic program of studies that will integrate courses into a unified conceptual whole in which students are helped to see the relationships between the subject matter of one course and another.  The academic program will also be integrated with the college’s work program in a way that enables students to gain invaluable experience in the running, managing, and expanding of the Collegium’s supporting business, Heavenly Roast Coffee.


The Collegium is as concerned about formation as it is about information.  Thus, the residential aspect of the Collegium is critical.  The residential aspect of the college will constitute a program of prayer, centered on the traditional Latin Mass and parts of the Divine Office, work, and study.  The formation will be essentially contemplative in nature, to which the traditional forms of prayer are more naturally aligned.  (This will also serve the needs of traditional Catholics, for whom there is currently no college devoted to such a traditional formation.)  While many colleges claim to prepare students for life, The Collegium will focus on preparing students for heaven.


The Collegium will keep its costs affordable by limiting the size and scope of the program, by supporting the program with auxiliary income-producing enterprises, and by support from benefactors.

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