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Liturgy and Spiritual Formation 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Mass is offered at historic St. Mary's Church at 244 W. Washington St. in Hagerstown, MD on Sundays at 11:30AM, on holy days of obligation, most major feasts, and other occasions.

St. Mary's is two blocks away from the student residence, 2.5 blocks away from the classrooms, and 2.75 blocks away from the dining facility.

The Divine Office

Lauds and Vespers are sung daily.


The Rosary is prayed daily.


Grace is prayed before and after every meal.

The Angelus

The Angelus is sung daily, before lunch and at the end of Vespers, just prior to dinner.


St. Mary's also has an adoration chapel.


Confessions of available regularly.

Spiritual Guidance and Counseling

The pastor of the parish is available to students for both.

The Sacred Liturgy
President Schaefer discusses the Sacred Liturgy in a Liberal Arts Curriculum 

The Oath Against Modernism
Mr. Stover explains the Oath and Its Importance to the Church and to The Collegium 

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