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Residency Requirements

All students will live in Collegium housing with the following exceptions:

  • students living at home;

  • students living with relatives;

  • students living in a home approved by their parents and by the Collegium.


The Hamilton Hotel, once Hagerstown's largest hotel, is being renovated for Collegium housing. It is located at 90-98 W. Washington St. in downtown Hagerstown.  It is next to the University of Maryland's Hagerstown campus (a hub for various colleges of the University of Maryland system to offer distance curricula), where the Collegium will hold classes for the first year.

Hamilton Hotel

First-year Arrangements

Currently, the hotel is vacant.  It is being renovated one floor at a time.  The Collegium will occopy the second floor. 

  • The men will live on one wing of the floor, which is separated by a secured door. 

  • The women will live on another wing of the floor, which is also separated by a secured door. 

  • The wings will have security cameras.

  • The president and/or the dean of men will reside in the men's wing.

  • The dean of women will reside in the women's wing.

  • There will be no inter-wing visitation.

As the renovation and the Collegium expand, men and women will occupy separate floors.  Policies concerning security cameras, faculty residing in the hotel, and no visitation in opposite-sex rooms/floors will remain in place.



Access to the building and to the student residence wings will be by key card.

Security cameras will be in place.


You can view the plan for the second-floor renovation below.




Hamilton Hotel Second Floor Renovation Plan