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This page is for faculty members of The Collegium only. 

Employee Handbook

Faculty Handbook Amendments
24 July 2021

General Requirements of All Faculty Members

The primary responsibility of every faculty member is the instruction of our students. All faculty members are required to participate in the spiritual life of the community and are required to provide administrative service to The Collegium.

All faculty members will be expected to engage in curriculum design and revision, student advising, and some sort of institutional service.



Employees are contracted on a yearly basis and the contract clearly delineates salary.

Collegium employees are not employed by any other employer.


Faculty Reviews

Faculty members will be reviewed annually.  The review will cover teaching and service and consist of the following:

  • Student evaluations

    • Performed at the end of every semester

  • Peer observations and evaluations

    • Observations done at mutually agreeable times

  • Self-evaluations

    • Due by March 15

  • Supervisor evaluations

    • Due to the faculty member by May 1

    • Will incorporate all of the above, in addition to the supervisor’s own evaluation.

The review is intended to foster continued development and improvement in a faculty member’s assigned duties.  Thus, a proper review will consist of commendations and recommendations.  If a faculty member’s review is considered below standard, ordinarily the faculty member will be given specific recommendations to the end of improving performance.  However, if a faculty member’s performance is considered unacceptable, The Collegium reserves the right to dismiss said faculty member.  The Collegium’s positions do not accrue tenure.


In the case of a new faculty member, The Collegium may conduct a review in the fall semester as well, in order to help ensure that the faculty member is progressing successfully toward contract renewal.  In a fall review, the above procedure is followed, with the following exceptions:

  • Self-evaluation is due by November 1

  • Supervisor evaluation is due by December 20.


Online Classes as a Result of Travel

Faculty members are reminded that The Collegium is a residential program.  It is expected that classes be held in person, except in unusual circumstances. 

Because faculty members are all involved in recruitment, it is inevitable that faculty members will have to travel.  When faculty must be absent from a class for travel or any other reason, the following should be observed:

  • A qualified substitute should teach the class.  

  • If a qualified substitute is not available and the absence cannot be avoided, it is acceptable for the faculty member to stream into the class and teach the class via ZOOM or some similar technology.  Streamed classes, however, should be limited to three per semester, unless an exception is granted by the Academic Dean.


The Collegium has assigned the librarian to teach a unit in library and research methods in various courses.  Faculty are encouraged to schedule this unit during a planned absence.


Office Hours

Faculty members must state on each course syllabus days, times and places of office hours, as well as how students can contact a faculty member outside of office hours.

Course Syllabus Template

Travel Policies

Car Rentals  

When you rent a car on Collegium Business:

  • Compare rates to find the lowest cost. is typically the best.

  • Purchase the physical damage (to the vehicle) waiver.

  • Make sure that The Collegium appears on the contract.  (Typically, you can put your entire name on the "first name" line and "Collegium" on the "last name" line.  

  • If The Collegium is on the contract, you can waive/not purchase the liability coverage.


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