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Supporting The Collegium

Help us provide faithful, affordable, classical education.  

Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum (The Collegium) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and an independent institution of higher learning located in historic downtown Hagerstown, Maryland. Our four-year college provides a liberal arts education (B.A.) that is faithful to the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and liturgical traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, and a formation in Catholic living at affordable rates for tuition, room, and board.

Through The Collegium’s Ora et Labora work program, students can contribute to the cost of their education and help keep it affordable by working at least four full days each month. The work program enables students the opportunity to gain practical life experience by filling entry-level positions at local businesses that contribute to the community and economic growth of Hagerstown.

The cost of providing our education and formation is a little over $33,000/year. We charge our students $16,800/year. You can make a contribution to purchase specific needed items below -- or you can contribute toward the purchase of any of these items.

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