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Downtown Hagerstown has a reasonable amount of evening activity.  For example, restaurants are typically open; students at the University of Maryland at Hagerstown take evening classes; many performances take place in the Maryland Theatre.  However, the late evening hours are generally quiet.

With this in mind, students are expected to be in the residence facility between 10:30PM and 5:00AM (when St. Mary’s opens).

If there is a good reason for a student to be out of the residence facility outside the normal curfew hours, he can discuss the matter with any faculty member to get permission, which will not be withheld unreasonably.

For safety reasons, The Collegium requires that students who are out of campus facilities in the evening (after supper) sign out before leaving and sign in upon return. This procedure can be accomplished in one of two ways.

  • Physically – Students can complete the sign-out/sign-in sheet, which is in the residence facility.

  • Electronically (preferred method for anyone with a cell phone) – Students can log onto the FAMILIO app and allow their location to be tracked.  (This app is similar to the FIND MY FRIENDS app on iPhones, but it can be used across platforms.)


The Collegium would prefer that all students who have cell phones use the FAMILIO app constantly.  In case of any emergency, this would allow The Collegium to find immediately the student’s location.   This is an “opt-in” procedure.  The Collegium does not require this, but it is highly recommended.

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