Cost of Attending The Collegium


We are committed to keeping the cost of attending college as low as possible. 


Our pricing model does not have inflated costs that are then partially returned to the student in the form of financial aid.


We will also do our best to explain to you all the costs you will incur in addition to the basic tuition, room and board charge, so that you can budget without surprises.



Tuition, Room, and Board - $16,800/year

You can pay this in 10 equal installments of $1,680.  If you choose the monthly payment plan, your deposit will be applied to your first monthly payment.


The Room includes the rent for a 2-bedroom, 1 or 2-bath apartment in the historic Hamilton Hotel shared by four people, or a 1-bedroom, 1-bath apartment shared by two people.


The Room charge does not include utilities.


The Board charge includes catered lunch 7 days a week, dinner 6 days a week, and a simple breakfast buffet every day. 


Students are responsible for the condition of their apartments.  Every student is assessed a $350 damage deposit.  At the end of the year, the deposit is either applied to the next year, returned, or applied to any damages.


Other Costs to Consider

Books - Estimate $1,000/year for books ($500/semester).


Travel - This cost will vary depending on where you live and how often you will travel between Ocala and your home.


Several airports are within a 90-minute drive of the Collegium:

  • Baltimore (80 miles);

  • DC: Reagan International Airport (74 miles);

  • DC: Dulles (64 miles).

Hagerstown Regional Airport also has direct flights to several cities, such as Sanford, FL regularly and Myrtle Beach and Tampa, FL seasonally.


Cell phone, Computer, Clothing, Spending/Miscellaneous - These are all variable depending upon individual circumstances, but they should be part of your budgeting.  These may be costs that you are already paying.  If so, they will not increase your cost of attendance.

Health Insurance - Students are required to have some form of health care coverage.  The Collegium does not provide this.

Use the following Summary Table to build your own budget:

Cost Summary Table



*Room Utilities  Cost (electricity and water) is an estimated cost per person; it assumes that the utility costs are shared by 4 people in an two-bedroom apartment.

**Every apartment has a washer/dryer in it.  There is no charge for each load. The washer/dryers are free to use, but the landlord charges us to have them.  This fee recoups that charge. At about $33/month, it is lower than using coin-operated machines would be.

***Students purchase internet service themselves from a local company, Antietem Broadband, and share the cost.


A student's account must be current (no balance due) before grades or transcripts will be issued.

Financial Aid

The Collegium accepts no government funding.  As a result, our students are not eligible for PELL grants or other forms of government assistance. 


Many colleges charge significantly higher rates for tuition, and the discounted portions of that tuition returned in the form of scholarships.   Because our tuition is so low, we cannot engage in this practice.


We do offer a 10% discount for the second child from a family.


If The Collegium determines that required loan amounts will not burden students in the future, The Collegium will entertain requests for student loans.  A request for a Collegium loan can be made at the end of the Application for Admission.




Initial deposits to hold a student's place in class are not refundable.

The cost of attending The Collegium is an all-inclusive charge for tuition, room, and board. 

The portion of this charge allocated to the cost of the room cannot be refunded, since The Collegium cannot cancel its lease for the facility.

If a student withdraws from The Collegium within the first week of classes, 90% of the portion of the charges allocated to tuition and board will be refunded, minus the initial deposit. 

If a student withdraws from The Collegium before the end of the seventh week of classes, 50% of the portion of the charges allocated to tuition and board will be refunded, minus the initial deposit. 

If a student withdraws from The Collegium after the end of the seventh week of classes,  there is no refund of any charges. 


Students are expected to work a total of 8 hours/week in the corporate work study program.​


These work responsibilities are a basic agreement between the student and the Collegium as part of the admission process.


Can a student get an additional job off-campus to earn additional money?  That will depend on many factors, including the student’s ability to work and maintain grades at the same time.