Entrance Requirements

Entrance into the Collegium requires successful completion of a high program and demonstration of the ability to work successfully in the program of The Collegium.  Specific entrance requirements appear in the catalog (pp. 4ff), which can be accessed by clicking the link below.

The materials delineated in the Admission Process below will be used by the faculty of The Collegium to determine readiness to do college-level work.

Admissions will be granted on a competitive basis to the most qualified among all the applicants.

Admission Process

The admission process has several steps:

  • complete The Collegium Application Form, below, and pay the application fee;

    • this will include uploading/sending ​

      • materials supporting your academic aptitude and accomplishments,​

      • two letters of recommendation,

      • any other supporting material (all outlined in the application);

  • send transcripts of all schools attended to The Collegium;

  • send scores from the CLT or SAT or ACT to The Collegium;

    • The Collegium code for the ACT is 4617;​

    • The Collegium code for the SAT is 7739;

    • There is no code for the CLT.  You simply request that the scores be sent to The Collegium (Collegium sanctorum angelorum).

  • schedule a visit and/or interview (here).


Application for Admission to

The Collegium

The Application Form is linked to the button below.

  • You may print the form and work on it offline before submission.

  • You may also save the form, and complete it in more than one session.

  • When you are ready to submit your application, click PREVIEW.  Then when the form is complete and you are satisfied that it is  accurate, click SUBMIT.

  • You will be charged the $50.00 application fee when you submit the form.  You will need a credit card to pay the fee.

  • You will receive a verification that your application has been received and payment made.

  • If you do not receive the verification, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. (admissions@the-collegium.org or 412-913-2985)

We are looking forward to receiving your application.