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A Special Note to our Friends in Ocala

By now news is getting around that the Collegium will be relocating to Hagerstown, MD.  (A formal announcement will likely come out at the end of January.)

This has been a difficult decision both by me and by the board.  I would like to offer a few comments especially to the many friends we have in Ocala, all of whom have worked and prayed for the Collegium to open in Ocala for the past five years.

The simple truth is that we have not engendered the kind of support we need from the leaders of the city.  It is unlikely that we will be able to raise the funds we need to open in Ocala.

We have complete faith that the Collegium is a divine mission.  It is God's work; we are just the agents.  As a result, we have to be open to following the path that the Holy Spirit lays out for us. The Holy Spirit has opened a door for us in Hagerstown.  (Hagerstown is a small town with an articulated vision to revitalize its downtown through education.  We serve that vision perfectly.   Facilities are available and affordable.  Local leaders are excited about our presence.)  While it may not have been our/my personal choice, we must walk through this door.

We could not be in this position had it not been for the spiritual and financial support that we have received from you up to this point.  So, your prayers are being answered.

Please continue to keep the Collegium in your prayers.  Please continue to support us, now as a part of our national family of supporters.

Thank you, and my God bless you.

Edward Schaefer, president