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Guiding the American Entrepreneurial Spirit

Geller Dornay

Friday, March 26

11:00AM (Eastern Time)


Presentation is 28 minutes.  Q & A follow the presentation

Gellert Dornay is a co-founder and Director of Axia Home Loans, a mortgage bank with nearly 400 employees. He took his first job at a start-up coffee roaster in Seattle at the age of 19. During his 15-year tenure at Java Trading Co., he helped bring specialty coffee to the masses on three continents. 

Subsequently, he co-founded Axia Home Loans. Under Gellert’s leadership as CEO, Axia grew to fund over $1 billion annually, helping thousands of families become homeowners. In 2016, Axia became the first 100% employee owned mortgage bank. Gellert is a strong proponent of employee ownership and directs and advises a number of educational, non-profit and for profit organizations. He and his wife Elizabeth have been blessed with 11 children and live in Spokane, Washington. 

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