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The Collegium

The Collegium is a small (maximum 120 students) liberal arts college located in downtown Hagerstown, MD, a city of 40,000 nestled in the foothills of Western Maryland.  The Collegium is committed to offering a Faithful, Affordable, Classical education and formation. 

  • Faithful to the unchanging magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church;

  • Affordable, with tuition, room, and board set at $16,800/year;

  • Classical, with a liberal arts curriculum and an integrated work-experience program.


The Collegium is the only four-year college dedicated specifically to serving the needs of traditional Catholics.  More information about The Collegium is available at www.the-collegium.org.


We are accepting applications for faculty positions to staff our inaugural year, 2021-2022, and to teach our first freshman class of 34 students.


General Information for Applicants

Every faculty member must be a practicing Catholic, must be committed to the mission of the Collegium, must be committed to a teaching emphasis (as opposed to a research emphasis), and must sign the Oath Against Modernism.


Every faculty member must commit to the daily recitation of the Rosary and the daily singing of Lauds and Vespers as part of the Collegium culture.


Every faculty member in the Collegium will have both teaching and administrative duties.  The load will be 4 “units” per semester, divided between courses and administration.


Faculty positions are non-tenure-track positions with initial one-year contracts.  However, it is possible that longer-term contracts may be developed as the Collegium progresses.


Specific Information

Courses needed to be covered in 2021-2022:

  • Humanities 102 – Ancient Greece

  • Theology 101 – Scripture: Salvation History

  • Theology 102 – Scripture: Revelation, Faith, and Reason

  • Philosophy 102 – Plato: Intro to Philosophy

  • Trivium 101 – Logic I: Grammar and Logic

  • TRV 102 – Logic II: Socratic Logic.


Loads 2021-2022: (Full load = 4 units per semester)

  • 2 courses (2 units)

  • Dean of Men/Women (1 unit)

    • Oversight of various responsibilities for the men/women: housing, activities, etc.

  • Administrative assignment TDB (1 unit).


Candidates should be able to demonstrate a creative approach to teaching, employing various methodologies as needed for the success of the students.


Successful candidates

  • will be hired with a start date of August 2021;

  • may also be given the opportunity to work during the spring of 2021 making final preparations for the opening;  (This work may be full time, which would require relocation, or it may be part time, which could be done from a distance.)

  • will be paid a Salary of $50,000 and given compensation toward a basic health plan.



It will be ideal if one or more of the candidates could live in the residence hall, where there will be 1 and 2BR apartments available.



To Apply

Submit an application with the following:

               Letter of application that discusses concisely your teaching experience, philosophy and


               Curriculum vitae,

               Listing of the courses you are qualified to teach and interested in teaching,

               Listing of any additional skills you bring to the Collegium, such as music, Latin, art, math,

                              administrative skills, etc.


Submit applications to



The review process will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled.





The The Collegium is not approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

The Collegium is currently seeking approval to operate as a degree-granting institution

in the state of Maryland.  Stage One of the process is complete.  We anticipate Stage Two to be complete in early 2021.