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Summer 2024 

We face a time of great challenge -
in society and in the Church.

You can change  the course of the Church and the country. 
Your gifts can continue the critical mission of The Collegium. 
Please help us raise $200,000 crucially needed this summer.

While students around the country are demonstrating and destroying college campuses, ...

Collegium students are working in our Ora et Labora program, learning life skills, work skills, testing different disciplines, and seeing what it takes to make a functional world thrive.

While many colleges are teaching students that gender is an abstract choice, and that even 10-year olds can choose their genders and mutilate their bodies to accommodate their choices,...

Collegium students are learning truths as given to us by Christ Himself, Scripture, the Apostles, the Church Fathers and the great minds of the Church.


Leaders attempt to change Church teaching,while The Collegium teaches, honors, and embraces the unchanging teachings and the Apostolic rites of the Church.

While some think that Catholic liturgy is a “set of principles” that are malleable depending on the era, 

The Collegium embraces, defends, and passes down the Church’s Apostolic rite (TLM) as part of the deposit of faith.

The Collegium is addressing the challenges we face in these and many other ways, preparing the young men and women who will change the paths of society and of the Church for generations to come.

I, as president, am personally asking you to partner with us in shaping that future.  

This summer is particularly challenging.  Our bills continue without any tuition income.   

Truthfully, an additional $300,000 is needed this summer to continue the crucial work of The Collegium.
Thanks be to God, of that amount, $100,000 has already been committed!
Can you help us reach our goal?

If you and every person that receives a message from me were to contribute $100, we would easily make the goal.  However, some will not be able to contribute a $100.  Some will have the capacity to contribute more.  If you are able, I humbly ask you to be as generous as possible.

We are turning the corner after two very challenging start-up years.  Enrollment will more than double this fall, from 8 students to 20.  We have 20 employers participating in our Ora et Labora program.  We have an extraordinary faculty, and equally extraordinary students - the kind of students with whom you would want your children to associate. 

We need your participation to continue the work begun, by the grace of God, so successfully.

Indeed, God has blessed our work because it conforms to His will.  And I am confident that He will continue to bless us - now through your assistance.

You can donate

  • by using the form below;

  • by sending a check made payable to Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum to 36 S. Potomac St. Suite 203, Hagerstown, MD 21740;

  • or by calling me directly at 412-913-2985.

Thank you, and may God bless you,

Edward Schaefer, president

We have raised $146,000 of our $300,000 goal.
You can help us raise the additional $160,000.

Thank you.

Collegium sanctorum angelorum is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.

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