2020-2021 Collegium Brochure

The Collegium is not approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

The Collegium is currently seeking approval to operate as a degree-granting institution

in the state of Maryland.  

We anticipate this process will be completed by the end of 2020,

but we will keep our progress updated here.

The above brochure is for information purposes only.


If you are looking for a college

  • that is steadfastly faithful to the unchanging magisterium of the Church,

  • where every faculty, staff, and board member is a practicing Catholic who has signed the Oath Against Modernism,

  • where you will be encouraged to grow, as an independent adult, in the faith that you were given at home ...


If you are looking for a college

  • that is more affordable than most public institutions...



If you are looking for a college

  • that is committed to the search for Truth as taught by the great minds of the Church through the Ages,

  • that is steadfastly committed to goodness, truth, and beauty of the Ancient Mass and Divine Office and to traditional forms of Catholic prayer and piety...

Hagerstown, MD

If you are looking for a college

  • that is in a town that is small enough to feel comfortable,

  • that is easily accessible from the Baltimore and Washington airports,

  • is close enough to Baltimore and Washington to enjoy some of the major attractions of the cities,

  • that is near five national parks, has one of only three accredited art museums in Maryland, and is near Catholic shrines such as the Lourdes Grotto and the St. Elizabeth Seton shrine in Emmitsburg,

  • that has four seasons,

  • that sits in the center of the town's arts and historic districts ...


Preparation for Heaven, for Live, and for a Career

If you are looking for a college

  • that is committed to formation as much as information,

  • that integrates practical work skills into the curriculum,

  • where you will develop life-long friendships with other students with similar commitments to the faith,

  • that is committed to helping you develop skills that employers are seeking, ...




If you are looking for a college

  • that is committed to beauty, especially in the sung Mass and Office,

  • that will give you an opportunity to continue to use any musical gifts you may have ...

...then you should choose The Collegium.